The Domain Management tool is now available!


A: With Multiple Keyword Search, you can search for keyword phrases separately by adding one or multiple white spaces in the same query string, obtaining more results. For example, without the Multiple Keyword Search feature, you can only search for "NewYorkTours" and get limited results. However, if you change it to "New York Tours", you will also get results such as "newyorkcitytours", "newyorkbustours", and so forth. The Multiple Keyword Search feature is only available in Pro or higher plans.

A: Bulk Search allows you to enter up to 10,000 keywords at once and completes the search for you in seconds. Moreover, you can set filters to limit the search results to specific scopes you prefer. It will automatically return the related numbers of Exact Match, Keyword Count, and Extension Count when the Bulk Search request is completed. Please note that the Bulk Search feature is only available in Expert or higher plans.

A: Count Sorting is the feature that allows you to sort search results by the number of registered extensions for each related keyword in our database in descending order. For example, with this feature, you can easily identify which keywords containing "New York", or beginning with "New York", or ending with "New York", have the highest registered domain extension counts. Taking "New York" as an example, users can effortlessly determine that the most frequently registered keywords are based on "newyork" itself, followed by "newyorkcity", "newyorker", "newyorkpizza", and so forth. Please note that the Count Sorting feature is only available in Expert or higher plans.

A: You can simply send us an email at [email protected], stating your registered email address at dotDB, that you would like to cancel your subscription, and the effective date. We will cancel it for you manually.

A: You can simply proceed with the upgrade, and we will refund the remaining fee of your current subscription based on the number of remaining days when a new subscription overlaps. Alternatively, we may extend the subscription period of your new plan to reflect the payment you've already made.

A: Please contact us at [email protected] and state your needs. All of our quotas are available for purchase, and we will inform you of the price in our reply.

A: Normally, we update our data once a week for all gTLDs and for most popular ccTLDs. However, for certain ccTLDs, due to their nature, updates may take longer.

A: Domains without proper DNS settings or those in the Redemption and Pending Delete periods will not be included in our database. Additionally, we update our database once a week, so domains registered in the last few days may also not appear in dotDB's search results.