The Domain Management tool is now available!

The new 'Tools' section for effortless domain research.

We've introduced the Domain Parser and Statistics to enhance your domain research.
13 Sep 2023

Dear dotDBers,

We are excited to announce that we've added a new 'Tools' section to our platform. This update includes two main features: the Domain Parser and Statistics. We believe these new tools will make your domain research much easier and more useful.

Domain Parser

This feature allows you to easily extract complete domain names that fit the domain format from a lengthy text by simply copying and pasting. This means extracting keywords with prefixes and dot-suffixed parts. Not only can the output results be copied with a single click, but you can also directly reference the results to Bulk Search for extensive searches. In addition, the Domain Parser comes with an Extension Filter, enabling you to pre-select desired matching suffixes from the results. For instance, you can choose to only display results that include '.com'.


The Statistics provides you with a weekly statistical report on the total registration volume for all domain extensions. For instance, you can clearly see that the currently most registered domain extension is '.com', followed in order by '.de', '.net', '.org', and so on. Additionally, we offer data on the top ten domain extensions with the largest weekly increase in registrations as well as the top ten extensions with the most significant drop in registrations.

Furthermore, we present trend charts for each extension, allowing you to grasp the registration fluctuations of a particular domain extension over a specific time frame. This ensures you stay informed about the current domain landscape and its dynamics.

In addition to the two exciting new tools added to dotDB, we've also made improvements to the previously launched Keyword Trends. We've incorporated detailed reports showing the specific domain extensions that have increased or decreased weekly. For instance, with this feature, we can see that the keyword 'Bharat' saw a substantial increase of 153 new domain extensions in this week's update. Furthermore, this enhancement allows users to immediately identify exactly which 153 domain extensions have been added.

At dotDB, we are backed by a robust engineering team and a management group that's deeply passionate about domain names. Every day, we are committed to delivering the best customer and user experiences. There are many more powerful and exciting features on the horizon. If you have any ideas or suggestions for new features, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We approach feedback with an open mind, always eager to listen to our customers' opinions, and we do our utmost to cater to their needs.

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