The Domain Management tool is now available!

Introducing the New Domain Management Tool

Tailored Solutions for Your Domain Portfolio.
19 April 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a powerful new tool called Domain Management. This innovative tool enables users to add to their domain portfolio and monitor weekly changes in Exact Match Domains (EMD), Keyword Count (KC), and Extension Count (EC). It functions similarly to Bulk Search but is specifically tailored to your domains. Additionally, you can track the Expiry Date and Name Servers, allowing you to manage the details of your domain portfolio and identify domains by the numbers of their "neighbors."

domain management screenshot

This feature supports all gTLDs and ccTLDs. However, we may not be able to properly retrieve the Expiry Date and Name Servers for a few ccTLDs due to limitations on their server capacity. We plan to continuously refine and expand Domain Management, adding more functionalities over time.

This new feature is available exclusively within our Expert Plan or Enterprise Plan, with a default limit of 3,000 domains. If you have larger needs, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to discuss and potentially customize your limit.

Furthermore, with the introduction of this new feature, the monthly fee for the Expert Plan has been increased from $94.99 to $99.99.