You can integrate dotDB with your own system

We are now offering API access!
21 May 2018

Two weeks ago, we released Bulk Search, a revolutionary domain name research tool that multiplies your productivity by up to 100 times. And now, to take it even further, we are announcing the new API Access feature for Expert Plan subscribers. With this, our customers will be able to access search results programmatically, meaning they can integrate dotDB search into their own systems and workflows to more easily evaluate domain names and keywords.

Your API key can be found on the API Access page, and the current limit is 30,000 requests per month. If you exceed this, you can upgrade your plan to get more access. For more information on using the API, please refer to our API Document.

We would like to thank our early adopters who purchased the Expert plan at $25.99 and $34.99. As a show of our appreciation, you can keep your current price and enjoy the new API Access feature. We have also adjusted the Expert plan price from $34.99 to $49.99, as previously announced.