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apple-city 5 .com, .tk, .ru, .pro, .kz
apple-city-hotel 1 .de
apple-cl 2 .com, .jp
apple-claims 1 .com
apple-classroom 1 .com
apple-clean 2 .com, .tokyo
apple-cleaning 2 .com, .ru
apple-clearance 2 .com,
apple-client 1 .com
apple-client0 1 .com
apple-client1 1 .com
apple-clinic 5 .com, .tk, .ru, .jp, .kr
apple-clinica 1 .ru
apple-clone 1 .com
apple-clothing 1 .com
apple-cloud 4 .com, .cn, .ch, .io
apple-cloud-stream 1 .com
apple-cloud-uk 1 .tk
apple-cloudkit 1 .com
apple-club 6 .com, .tk, .ru, .online,, .moscow
apple-club-russia 1 .ru
apple-cn 2 .com, .net
apple-co 8 .com, .net, .fr, .eu, .biz, .uk, .jp, .ltd
apple-coach 5 .com, .nl, .ch, .be, .at
apple-coaching 2 .com, .de
apple-coco 1 .com
apple-cocoa 1 .com
apple-code 1 .com
apple-codenames 1 .com
apple-coin 3 .com, .de, .net