Identifying Active / Inactive / Parking Domains Made Easy!

Subscribe the Expert plan NOW before the upcoming price raise from $44.99 to $59.99

Helping our customers improving their productivity has always been our top priority. We've added so many new features based on user feedback. By far in 2020, we've added

  • Sorting by TLD counts feature for Expert Plan
  • Filtering by length feature for Pro plan

Besides new features, we also improved the speed for search, bulk search, and export data by a great deal. Trusted by thousands of domain investors and marketing researchers worldwide, dotDB has always been the go-to tool for the top players in the industry. If you are one of the heavy dotDB users, surely you know the difference.

As always, we work tirelessly to bring the very best experience for our customers. When we add new features, we raise the price to reflect the added value to our plans. But as usual, to thank all the early adopters, we will honor the price when you subscribe to it.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our next upcoming killer feature -- filtering search by website status. In the past, many domain investors rely on the number of registered TLDs to determine the value of a particular keyword returned by dotDB. They told us that they also want to be able to filter domain names based on site status, as a developed website says something about the domain owner verse a parking page or even no website at all in terms of the value. We heard that, and YES, we are now building this exciting new feature! With that, you will be able to filter domains based on their website status:

  • Active - has a working web page
  • Parking - has a working web page but for parking
  • Inactive - no working web page

This feature will bring incredible advantages to our customers to win tons of deals. No others can even come close. This fantastic new feature requires a tremendous amount of computing resources to scan more than 300 million websites periodically. Considering the great added value and the extra cost, we've decided to raise our Expert plan price from $44.99 to $59.99 once the feature finished. The good news is, this feature is still under development at this moment. We estimate around one month until we release it. Before that, this is your final chance to subscribe to the current price if you haven't subscribed to the Expert plan yet, don't miss out!

Finally, this is not the end. In the meantime, we are already planning the next game-changing new feature down the road. Please feel free to tell us at [email protected] what you want. Remember, we are always listening and here to help. Your dream feature could be next!