Bulk Search is here!

Bulk Search the game changer

Doing domain research with bad tools could be boring and inefficient. It's 2018, although flying car is still not here yet, at least self-driving car is on the road. To win the game in the more and more competitive market, you need modern tools. dotDB is here to help, we aim to bring you the best tool in the market and empower you to outperform your competitors. With that in mind, we listen to what you need, and we are super excited to announce Bulk Search is now available to Expert plan!

You can find Bulk Search in your navigation bar on the top. With Bulk Search, you can input or paste up to 1,000 keywords and search all of them at once. You can later filter out and find the hidden gem by looking at the match numbers and decide whether to look into details further. This can save you from spending hours and hours of error-prone manual process everyday. Your productivity can be easily boosted to 10 times or even 100 times, it is a GAME CHANGER!

Thanks again for the early adopters who purchased our Expert plan at $25.99, like we promised, we will honor the price, enjoy your new Bulk Search feature. Now Expert plan is adjusted to be $34.99 per month to reflect the extra value we added and the extra computing cost.

We have more awesome new features are coming to the Expert plan and Pro plan. We will raise the Expert plan to be $49.99 per month when we announce the next killer new feature, which will be API access. You can still subscribe to the Expert plan with just $34.99 per month, and again, we will honor the price, you can enjoy all the future new features coming to the plan you subscribed with the same low price as it is now. Act now and don't miss it!