We have Multiple Keyword feature here!

The feature of Multiple Keywords just released, Exclude Keyword is coming!
17 April 2018

Two weeks ago, we announced that the new multiple keyword feature was on its way, and now we are delighted to share that it is available to all Pro plan users. Our fantastic engineering team worked hard to make sure it was ready in an incredibly short timeframe.

The feedback from our customers has been immensely positive and we take it very seriously. In particular, we would like to thank AbdulBasit Makrani for his suggestion to add an exclude keyword feature; this is a great idea and we have added it to our product roadmap.

We have updated the Pro plan pricing from $9.99 to $11.99, and it will increase to $14.99 once the exclude keyword feature is released. It is necessary to invest in the right tools to stay competitive in the online market, and we are here to help you achieve success. If you choose to subscribe now, you will benefit from this low price and all the upcoming features.