Multiple keyword is coming!

The Pro plan is getting a thrilling new feature
4 April 2018

A big thank you to all the early adopters of the dotDB Pro plan! We've listened to your feedback and have been working hard to make dotDB the most advanced domain research tool in the world. We're excited to announce that soon we'll be adding a new multiple keyword search feature to the Pro plan. This feature will allow you to search for more than two keywords at once by simply separating them with a white space or a plus symbol (+). For example:

domain name


This will bring up all the names that include both "domain" and "name". To show our appreciation for our early supporters, we will be increasing the Pro plan price from $9.99 per month to $11.99 per month when the new feature is launched. However, if you purchase the plan before the launch, you'll be able to enjoy all the features added to the plan while keeping your current low price. We appreciate all the feedback we've received and we're working hard to add more features to help you stay competitive and productive in the market. Invest in your tool early and get the best value out of it!