Multiple keyword is coming!

Exciting new feature is coming to Pro plan

Thank you all dotDB Pro plan early adaptors! We heard your feedbacks and keep improving dotDB as the most advanced domain research tool in the world. We are building new multiple keyword search feature adding to Pro plan soon. With the multiple keyword function, you can search for more than two keywords at once by simply using a white space or a plus symbol(+) to separate keywords.

domain name

then all the names including both "domain" and "name" will be shown in the result.

We will adjust the Pro plan price from $9.99 per month to $11.99 per month after we launch the new feature. To appreciate the early supporters, we will honor your subscription price when you purchase it, you can enjoy all the new features added to the same plan with the same low price. We listen to your feedbacks and are working hard to add more features to help you to be the most competitive and productive one in the market. Invest in your tool early now on getting the best value of it!